airgolift use

AirgoLift lifting wheels to wheel balancer shaft

Discover the new AirgoLift from HAWEKA — features easy handling, robustness and flexibility.

HIGHEST LEVEL OF "AIRGONOMY" Speed, efficiency and safety measures are important factors in workshops and garages. HAWEKA has developed a lift that provides optimum support for the wheel centering process on balancing machines in all these areas. The lift automatically moves up pneumatically and is lowered back down with the turning handle. It lifts and centers all types of car and 4x4 wheels up to 70 kg on the balancing machine with ease. One-hand operation and adjustable lifting height provide best possible flexibility for daily use. The HAWEKA clamping and centering adaptors can be quickly removed from the adjacent, ergonomically positioned clamp holder to make the balancing process easier.

STRONG AND FLEXIBLE — FOR AN EFFICIENT WORKFLOW The robust quality of the AirgoLift and the high-quality materials ensure a long service life. The new, optimized panelling replace the protective bar on the AirgoLift to avoid any elements which might obstruct the work process.


AirgoLift features

  • AirgoLift — the ideal addition to any wheel balancing machine Flexible lifting height adjustment

  • Fast lift operation of the lift— one hand operation

  • Intuitive up / down turning handle

  • Ergonomic design

  • Wheel weight up to 70 kg

  • Compressed air connection

  • Special holder for centering device

  • Low height of 110 mm

airgolidt specs
airgolift sketch
airgolift sketch