Truck & light truck - centering technology

Accurate and repeatable Truck wheel balancing is increasingly important with the rapid increase in truck running costs.
Most wheel balancers have adaptors, none have adaptors that fully meet the demands of the Australian market. Imported truck wheel balancers do not have the correct adaptors for the Australian market. A mix of European, Japanese and American trucks
Haweka Australia has met the need with the Haweka truck adaptors. Truck balancing is no different to car balancing, except the wheels are bigger and the weights are larger. The same principles we apply to car wheel balancing apply to truck. Dynamic balancing using the off vehicle wheel balancer is the only way to solve balance problems. Front cone balancing of heavy truck wheel results in huge remount errors (in excess of 300 grams). Haweka truck adaptors are the solution.
The key is the design which shifts the weight of the wheel from the wheel balancer shaft and Haweka adaptors. The special nipples on the end of the studs support the wheel's weight and distribute it evenly over the Haweka adaptor. Haweka adaptors reduce the remount errors to less than 50 grams.

TRUCK ADAPTOR KIT (Full Dynamic balancing)

The kit includes :
3 star arm for 6 stud truck wheels
4 star arm for eight stud wheels
5 star arm for 10 stud wheels and unique to the Australian market 2 PCD's for 5 stud truck wheel
5 sets of studs to suit the different types of wheel nut stud tapers in the wheels
1 backing disk 
1 Super single spacer 
1 Steel quick release wing nut

This kit is available to suit both 46mm and 40mm truck wheel balancers

haweka truck kit
700e4xx 006

for 10 stud PCD 285,75 / 335
for 5 stud PCD 203,2 / 208
700e4xx 005

for8 Stud PCD 275 / 285
700e4xx 018

for 6 Stud PCD 170 / 184,15 / 200 / 222,2

Required backing disk *

necessary to use 5 and 4 star arms

Notes for the above pictures:
The 4XX indicates the shaft size for the 3, 4, and 5 star arms either 46mm=460 or 40mm =400 (i.e. 700e460 006 is 46mm shaft size 5 star arm).
* Required backing disk has a wheel balancer dependant part number.
700e905 012 Eagle, Corghi, Faip, Sice, Teco 46mm shaft size
700e958 012 most European wheel balancer with a 40mm shaft size
700e958 013 Hunter 40mm shaft size

STUDS for the 10, 8, 6, 5 stud truck wheels 
The studs below notated with an * are included in the kit above. Other studs are available as an optional extra.

700 008 003 *
haweka truck stud
Standard steel wheels 8 & 10 stud
700 008 005 *
haweka truck stud
Japanese steel wheels 8 & 10 stud
700 008 006 *
haweka studs
Alloy wheels 8 & 10 stud
700 008 008 *
haweka truck stud
for 5 stud wheels
700 008 013 *
haweka truck stud
for 6 stud Japanese trucks on 3 star arm
700 008 018
haweka truck stud
for 6 stud European trucks for 3 star arm
700 008 025
haweka truck studs
for 6 stud MB Sprinter / VW Crafter 3 star arm
700 008 030
haweka truck studs
for 6 stud MB Sprinter / VW Crafter 3 star arm
700 008 027
haweka truck studs
for 8 & 10 stud wheels
700 008 004
haweka truck stud
for 8 & 10 stud wheels (Dynaf)


Spider / Trilex adaptor
for centreless truck wheels

only HAWEKA Australia supply a 6 arm spider adaptor.
this makes it easier and quicker to "true" the wheel on the wheel balancer


American Light Truck

FORD F150 (2004-2017)

GMC SERRIA 1500 (1999-2017)

CHEV SILVERADO 1500 (1999-2017)

RAM / / DODGE (1995-2017)

haweka usa light truck kit

Flange Plate No 3 and No 4
Studs to suit rim stud holes
low taper collets

American Medium Duty Truck

Flange Plate MD with Studs All medium duty F-Series

Hub Pilot Disc (double sided) No 1 - Ford F250 SD/F350 SD SRW
Hub Pilot Disc (double sided) No. 2 - Ford F350 SD DRW/F450 SD DRW

Flange Plate MD with Studs All medium duty SEIRRA / SILVERADO models

Hub Pilot Disc (double sided) No.7 - Chevrolet Silverado HD 2500/3500 SRW/3500 DRW
- GMC Sierra 2500/3500 SRW/3500 DRW

Flange Plate MD with Studs All medium duty RAM / DODGE models

Hub Pilot Disc (double sided) No. 6 - RAM / DODGE 2500/3500 SRW/3500 DRW


Adaptor kit
MB Sprinter (Series 400)
VW Crafter (Series 46)



Hub locating disk 161mm
3 Star arm PCD 6 x 205 mm
studs to suit MB / VW