TyreStore_Mate lifts tyres to an upper storage area

TyreStore_Mate is suitable for moving tyres to a second level storage. The standard version handles tyres up to and including 4WD. The TyreStore_Mate increases tyre handling capacity, is safer than manual handling and avoids the risk of back injury associated with manual handling.

Clients include: Bob Jane T-Marts, Beaurpaires for Tyres, Bridgestone, KMart Tyres & Auto, Goodyear & Tyrepower.

TyreStore_Mate is custom designed to suit individual store requirements.

Australian made with Australia wide service.

TyreStore_Mate features include:

  1. Avoids back strain & improves tyre handling safety.

  2. Safety rail and emergency stop fitted at both ends.

  3. Chain is enclosed in chain shield.

  4. Compact design, minimal floor space (0.84 sq. m). 

  5. Lifting height customised to suit up to 5 meters.

  6. Australian designed and built

  7. 24 volt system.

tyre storage lifter