haweka pro360 inclinometer
The Pro360 has been upgraded.
It is designed to measure angles required for the calculation of ride height in vehicles (Mercedes Benz). Calculates the inclination of the suspension arm or of the axle drive shaft to the horizontal. Measured data can be manually transferred to the electronic wheel alignment machine. Thus camber, caster and toe scale can be adjusted. It allows to measure angles on a vertical and horizontal surface.

Prism adaptor:
Due to its various features, the prism adaptor is suitable for the determination of an angle at the front and the rear axle. It can be moved to the left and to right and is fixed by a magnet on the inclinometer.

The Cavity-Adaptor is fixed onto the inclinometer. It has been specially designed for the suspension arm at the front axle of the Mercedes E-Class, Type W210 Prism adaptor Cavity-Adaptor Double sided use, 180° rotation°.

Due to the suspension of the chassis, the camber measurements on single wheels change. The condition of the suspension depends on the load of the vehicle or / and the execution of the chassis that has been built in the vehicle.
Example: The suspension systems of some car bodies are sometimes ‚Lowered'. Therefore the affect of the lowered suspension is different from the affect of a the standard suspension.
The Pro360 inclinometer measures these angles (the effect on the suspension is the measurement of these angles).
These measurements can then be manually transferred to the wheel alignment machine.

Additional adaptors included in the new version of Pro360