HAWEKA specialize in wheel balancing adaptors for all cars, trucks and motorcycles.
HAWEKA'S adaptor technology fits most of the wheel balancer machines on the market.

for over 30 years HAWEKA AUSTRALIA has specialised in developing a number of excellence in wheel balancing programs.
Together with local tyre manufacturers and tyre store groups we have provided tyre stores with the know how, technology and training to give the motor vehicle driver a smooth riding vehicle.
We are privileged to have amongst our customers Bob Jane Tarts, Tyrepower, Bridgestone, Beaurepaires, Jax Quickfit, K-Mart Tyre & Auto, Goodyear Autocare and a host of independent tyre retailers.
The strength of the company lies in the ability to support our products with technical training and on going support through market updates. We do not sell you a product but rather a solution to a problem.

HAWEKA AUSTRALIA has designed and developed wheel service equipment suited to local Australian conditions.
SST one of the first GO/NOGO alignment check machines for the Australian market, developed and manufactured a Slide slip tester to give a quick read out on the alignment of the vehicles (go /no go through digital read out). Supplied and installed into the Bob Jane Tyre store group and other independent tyre dealers.
TSM for lifting tyres from the ground floor to a mezzanine storage floor.

HAWEKA Australia was established in 1982

In 1968 HAWEKA introduced the back cone mounting system, which is still the standard on every wheel balancer sold in the world. Since then HAWEKA has designed and developed wheel balancing adaptors for all types of vehicles from mopeds through to trucks.

HAWEKA created the terminology Mid Centering Device(MCD), which comprises the complete set of parts to equip the drive shaft end of the wheel balancer.
Presently HAWEKA is the only manufacturer on the international market to offer a Mid Centering Device for all current models of wheel balancers.
The Duo Expert expanding collets system from HAWEKA is the only tolerance free centering device that locate the majority of hub mounted passenger wheels.
The Unilug is HAWEKA'S adaptor for the closed centred rims on many of the vehicles manufactured in France.
HAWEKA works and cooperates with most of the leading car and tyre manufactures and equipment manufacturers resulting in HAWEKA adaptors being recommended by most of vehicle manufactures.

HAWEKA alignment technology includes alignment & chassis measurement systems for all commercial vehicles.