haweka mc adaptor

Motorcycle wheel balancer required

NOTE: All wheel balancers can balance motor cycle wheels in the static mode. NOT all wheel balancers can balance motorcycle wheels dynamically. The Wheel balancer must have a specific motorcycle wheel balance programme (or mode) in order to balance dynamically. Performance motor cycles require dynamic wheel balancing.

Motor vehicle wheels sit up against the wheel balancer backplate (a).
Motorcycle wheels sit in front of the ProBike adaptor which is in front of the back plate (a)
This increases the off set distance (b = yellow arrow) Wheel balancers with a motorcycle mode can handle the increase in offset.
Wheel balancers without this mode cannot measure this off set and cannot balance motorcycle wheels dynamically

haweka mc adaptor on balancer


Required to balance mono lever/single arm suspension & most performance bikes.
815 401 100
EAGLE, CORGHI, FIAP, SICE, TECO 40mm wheel balancers with removable shafts

815 818 100

Product Description
The motorcycle clamping device ProBike, with related accessories, enables simple and exact centring of motorcycle wheels on a wheel balancing machine. Depending on which type of wheel balancing machine the ProBike wing is attached, either a cylindrical or a conical insert chuck must be used for the shaft connection. The ProBike wing can also be installed on pneumatic or electro-mechanical balancing machines.

Product features

• Precise wheel balancing

• Optimized machine connection

• Safe and easy handling

• Can be universally used for every type of machine

• Easy and quick installation

• Longer lugs

• More powerful gas compression springs