ProClamp wheel alignment Clamps

HAWEKA WHEEL ALIGNMENT CLAMPS for all wheel aligners

The Plus series clamps wheels 12 to 24 inches (with optional extension feet up to 26 inches). The clamp will adapt to most wheel aligner heads and comes with built in drop down adaptor for performance cars with low skirts.
#  918 xxx 543

Keeping ahead of the competition in today's competitive environment is very demanding......

Pro Clamp Plus features

  • Feet combine 3 feet into one. This allows the Pro Clamp Plus to handle steel rim lips, alloy rim lips and convex rim lips.

  • The Pro Clamp Plus has telescopic grab arms that suit tyre rim combinations up to 32 inches.

  • Extension feet for rims larger than 24 inches are available as an optional extra.

  • Depending on the kind of vehicle you can add an additional spindle to the alignment clamp in three different places. This means that you save on the drop down (spoiler) adaptor

  • Grab arms nee foot for even more security.

  • Tightening mechanism ensures even tightening of all clamps.

Pro Clamp Plus Series III (set of 4)

the Pro Clamp PLUS is used to mount the measuring head of a wheel alignment system on a vehicle's rim.
The clamping range of the wheel alignment clamp for passenger car rims is 12 to 24 inches.
Maximum Tyre diameter: 900 mm Minimum Tyre diameter: 480 mm

Pro Clamp Spring loaded foot

can be fitted to all Pro Clamps, replaces 3 separate feet. The deeper foot (70mm reach) provides better fitment to deep off set rims 
# 912e008 216

Pro Clamp extension foot

this foot extends the capability of both the Pro Clamp and the Pro Clamp Plus, increasing the diameter of wheels by a further 2 inches.
#  912 008 087 (set of 3 feet)

Pro Clamp grab arm assembly

this is the complete grab arm assembly that fits both the Pro Clamp and the Pro Clamp Plus 
#  912e008 277


Pro Clamp threaded shaft assembly

this is the complete threaded shaft assembly that fits all Pro Clamp series and the Pro Clamp Plus 
#  912 008 083

Pro Clamp Telescopic grab arm

suitable for tyre and rim combination  up to 32"
suitable for all Haweka Pro Clamp series 
# 912e008 158