The Axis500 is the latest truck laser wheel aligner from HAWEKA, using it's vast experience from the early models the AXIS500 has evolved as the state of art laser aligner. At home in the work shop or on the road as a mobile unit the AXIS500 delivers fast and accurate results.
This latest version of the laser aligner joins the expanding family of aligners in the AXIS Series.

The AXIS500 Kit

video from Haweka UK for AUSTRALIA Contact: (08) 9249 4799
ACCURATE: All measurements taken in the as driven position. No longer required to lift the axles to perform run-out compensation.
 Can be used on or off site. A level floor is not necessary as the AXIS500can be calibrated to suit any work place in just seconds.
Quick clamps fitted as standard. Magnetic feet allow the operator to carry out alignment very quickly. Generally all important angles can be measured in under 10 minutes! an industry first.
 Measures all the following angles. toe, camber, toe out on turns, caster,
King pin, axle off set, axle parallel- chassis to axle square.
Latest electronic digital measuring equipment. Class 2 laser give safe & powerful beams ensuring accuracy.
Complete system is supplied in heavy-duty wooden trunk on castors. Ensures portability and protection of your investment

AXIS500 has the latest in electronic/digital inclinometer technology.

No more calculating castor, immediate readout from AXIS500 electronic/digital inclinometer.
All measurements take place in the 3D digital inclinometer and you have quick read out of camber, castor, king pin inclination angle and toe out on turns. (Toe left and right and total toe are measured with the lasers.)


Coach / Bus Frame scale optional adaptor

Frame scale for coaches & buses including articulated vehicle

Specialised application for TRACTORS 

Including towing tractors and agricultural tractors (including articulated tractors)

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